Authoritative DNS server explained

There are different types of servers – TLD, root, recursive, authoritative DNS server etc. If you think that all of them are the same and comply with the same objectives, that’s a mistake. They are teammates, but definitely, there are differences between them. Today let’s talk about Authoritative DNS servers. What exactly are they for? Why do you need them? Here it will be explained! 

What is an Authoritative DNS server?

An authoritative DNS server, also known as Primary DNS server, is the holder of the zone file that contains the DNS records. And in this case, we don’t talk about a copy of them but the true DNS records. For this reason, it’s the exact and only place the master zone can be managed from and where edition or any kind of modification to DNS records can be made.

What is a DNS query?

DNS queries have been ingrained too deep in our daily lives. Maybe you don’t know the technical term, but you are absolutely familiar with it. We can prove it! Every time you request a website through the browser, you generate a DNS query! If you want to know more about it, stay tuned!

What is DNS resolution?

DNS resolution is the search process that happens to get the corresponding IP address of a domain requested by a user. Therefore, a translation from the domain name to its IP address is a must to locate and load a domain.

A complete breakdown of Anycast DNS

We will show you everything you need to know about Anycast DNS. A complete breakdown of Anycast DNS that will explain to you the functionality and purpose of this service. 

​What is Anycast?

Anycast is a routing scheme that is perfect for use with DNS. You can use the same IP address (Anycast address) on multiple nodes. It is more about the configuration of routers and routing than servers. 

Each packet sent to an Anycast IP address may reach a different server in an Anycast DNS scenario. The anycast address is shared or configured in multiple different servers across the network. 

They are routed to the IP address with the best network metric. This is the nearest server in most cases, but it is not a must. The metrics could be various factors like bandwidth, cost, load, or reliability, etc. 

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